DIVORCE/CUSTODY-  I represent clients in all aspects of divorce and custody proceedings, including issues surrounding alimony, visitation/access, child support and property disposition.   I fully understand that divorce and custody proceedings can end up being one of the most difficult experiences a person can go through.  My focus is to achieve the best results for the client, considering the factors involved in the case.  I have represented all manner of persons in divorce and custody proceedings, from teachers, doctors, pilots, nurses, lawyers, military service persons and other professionals, to Pro se parties through non-profit organizations.  I have achieved a solid reputation of pursuing a no-frills, no-nonsense approach to your divorce or custody case. Click here for client reviews.  I have succeeded in obtaining custody for both fathers and mothers, and even represented grandparents in obtaining access tho their grandchildren.  Even in uncontested cases, it is always useful to speak with an attorney to assure that your rights are protected prior to agreeing to an uncontested proceeding. 

MODIFICATION OF CUSTODY/ACCESS AND CHILD SUPPORT- Even when your divorce or custody case is long concluded, there may be times that you have to pursue a modification of custody, access (visitation) or child support.  If your case warrants such a modification, I can assist you.  If your child is not benefiting from the current custody arrangement you have, it may be time to at least see if you have a case to pursue a modification of the current custodial arrangement.  In child support matters, it may be time for you to have your case reviewed, due to a change in income or a change in other relevant factors, to see if a modification is appropriate.         

GUARDIANSHIP- I represent parties interested in obtaining guardianship over minors or disabled adults.  There may be times when it is necessary for you to have the legal decision making authority over a minor or a disabled adult, for medical, educational or other reasons, or guardianship over such persons' finances and property. I represent parties in all aspects of guardianship proceedings.   

ADOPTIONS - I represent prospective, adoptive parents in adoption cases.  I attempt to achieve the smoothest, streamlined and stress free adoption, taking into account the sensitive aspects of adoption matters.  I understand and share the joys and difficulties each prospective parent faces when pursuing adoptions.   I can attest that my favorite days practicing are the "adoption days" in Court, when the Court formalizes and finalizes an adoption.     

PRE/POST-NUPTIAL AND SEPARATION AGREEMENTS - We have all heard the statistic.  No less than 50% of marriages end in divorce.  As such, more and more prospective couples are choosing to obtain Prenuptial agreements to assure that if the worst happens, that most, if not all aspects of a future divorce have already been addressed.  I can even assist already married couples in preparing Post-nuptial agreements, which are agreements that also achieve such protections even though the marriage has already occurred.  In separation and divorce matters, a Separation Agreement can be the most efficient, least stressful, least expensive manner to resolve all issues that divorcing couples face.  It is not always possible to amicably resolve everything, but it is possible to resolve all issues that a divorce can create through a Separation Agreement, including custody.   I can also review any proposed agreements to assure that you are aware of all your rights and responsibilities under the law prior to signing such a document.  

CHILD SUPPORT - I can represent you in assuring that if you are requesting or paying child support, or seeking or defending against a modification, that you are receiving or paying the proper amount, as there are numerous factors that may come into play in calculating support.  

BASIC ESTATE  PLANNING - There is virtually no reason for a person not to have a Will and Medical Directives.  I can assist you in assuring that your estate is distributed pursuant to your wishes.  I can also assure that your rights to choose how your medical needs are met in the event of a catastrophic illness or injury.      

TRAFFIC - I represent clients in most traffic matters.  It may surprise you how even minor traffic tickets can affect your life, and it is always worthwhile to at least speak with an attorney when you have been charged with traffic violations.  

CIVIL LITIGATION/LEGAL DOCUMENT REVIEW AND PREPARATION - I represent clients in small ($5,000 and below) and large claim cases, including contract disputes, property damage, real estate disputes, and other areas.  I treat any such case, whether the damages are $1,000 or $1,000.000.00, equally.    

LANDLORD/TENANT - I represent both landlords and tenants in most cases arising out of such relationships.  Being a landlord comprises many responsibilities under the law that you may be unaware of, so make sure that you know what your rights and responsibilities are.  I can assist in reviewing and preparing leases for both landlords and tenants.  I can assist in failure to pay rent cases (evictions), cases where your landlord may not be maintaining the property in proper order, and in rent disputes.  

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